7 April 2013

Travel Envy: Five places on my list

This post is part of the Travel Carnival by One Brown Girl on 5 places I have never been to but dying to catch a flight to.

Well I can finally take Rome off that list and wont add Malta, USA and Australia because they will be happening(God willing) next month, September and Christmas-New Year.

1. Vietnam

This has been on the cards for a while now and hopefully when I do, I would like to do it as part of a Thai, Malay, Nam, Singapore trail. Vietnam has some beautiful temples, shrines and really scenic bays. I have some friends in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia so it will be a treat to have a more personal guided tour.


2. Egypt

So near and yet so far. I could probably squeeze this in as part of a weekend package but also haven't done it because I would like more than just a weekend to take on all the rich history this place has to offer. This country has more than 100 pyramids and many of which are unknown to tourists and the mythology that surrounds why pharaohs chose these shapes when building their tombs.


3. Peru

Just look at this place. As famous as it is I am pretty sure its as crowded with tourist but I would still love to see it with my own eyes as this picture is just not enough for me. I am looking to do Peru as part of an Amazon trail squeezing in Iguazu falls, Rio de Janeiro and Colombia. An Inca trail, 8000 feet above sea level, what more can a height-obsessed rock climber ask for?! Its recommended to take the bus up there and then walk back down to take it all in.

Machu Picchu

4. India

My friend has been tossing the idea of a trip to India for one of those Yoga retreats. I love yoga but I am not about to embark on a flight punishingly long flight for a 7 days, 6-hour days of yoga. No thanks! If we do go, its a touch of yoga and off I go on exploring the Golden Temple and the Taj Mahal. 

Golden Temple

5. China

Having been to China last year I am still thirsty for more. This time on the list is Terracotta Army, Great Wall, Forbidden City, and possibly hop to Japan if time(or budget) allows it. This is another place with great history. With the first emperor of China being obsessed with immortality, he took Mercury along side his tea thinking it was the wonder drug that would make him immortal but led to his death. He also believed that immortalising his army in terracotta statues would ensure that his entire army would be with him in the after life. It would be great to see these life size statues and learn more about the history of the dynasties of great China.

Forbidden City

There you have it! The five places that I have not been to yet but my passport is itching to have stamped at.

Coming Soon....

Below are two pictures from my trip to Rome last month. I will post the rest of  pictures some time this coming week...

Piazza Navona: Fountain of 4 Rivers

This is the Arch of Constantine, if you are a Christian, this marks a huge turning point in history when a military coup made Christianity mainstream. I loved that Rome is so rich with history with each and every monument or Basilica you visit. More in my next post. 

Arch of Constantine(Next to Colosseum)

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  1. would and have put the places on my bucket list.

  2. The Terracotta warriors on my list and last year, I appeased my thirst (temporarily) by seeing an exhibit of some of them in NYC. It was impressive. I don't want to try to imagine how awesome the entire army would have looked.

    1. If they are still on display I may get to see this in NYC before I see them in China.

  3. Sorry, I hit send too quickly. I wanted add that your 5 are also on my list. Hope you get to cross them all off real soon!

  4. It looks like Asia is calling your name. I hope you make it there soon. I went to Cairo and Sharm El Sheik a couple of years ago. The pyramids are truly amazing.

    Thanks for participating in the carnival. Happy travels and "enjoy the journey"

    1. Thanks for dropping by Monique. I hear Sharm El Sheik is amazing, that's also on my list(embarrassingly long list).

  5. Hey Bee ... this is a great list. I just love those grass-covered rock formations that you see in Thailand, Vietnam and I'm sure other areas of SE Asia. So cool looking. I feel you on Machu Picchu, it's such a beautiful and architecturally intriguing place. I really want to go there too. So many places, so little time, I swear!

  6. Can't wait to see more of your photos of Rome! Italy is one of my favorite destinations! I cannot wait to visit India and Egypt...hopefully in the not-so-distant future. Thanks for sharing your list!

  7. I'm with you on Peru and Machu Picchu, though it didn't make my top 5. I saw the Terracotta warriors exhibition in D.C. and all it did was make me thirsty for more. That would be an amazing journey.

    1. That sounds cool. Were they real life sizes too?

  8. Awesome list! I hear you on India just for yoga. I think it would be an amazing place for meditation and yoga, but there is sooooo much more to see and do there. Can't wait to get there too soon!

  9. My sister and I recently went to China as a part of our Take A Leap webshow. We visited all those great places you noted in 10 days- Xi'an, Chengdu, Beijing, & Shanghai. We went in the winter when it is a little less expensive, and we had the time off from our day jobs during Christmas/New Year's. If you can bear it, try it then. A lot of people raised their eye-brows when they heard how these two black "girls" went to China, but it was a great experience, and will do again. We've also been to Rome & Florence, Italy twice in last 4 yrs. LOVED it and would welcome the opportunity to go back year after year.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I have just see your Take A Leap Pilot Webisodes. Great work! Will definitely be checking for those in future.

    2. Travel Junkie over here!!!
      Love this BLOG so far :-)

      Great pics and layout!!! We have 4 kids, the ONLY thing I wish them into "independence" for is so that we can take off and feel less guilty about not coming back...

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  11. I like only hill stations because hill stations are touch with nature and these scenes are looks awesome.

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