4 September 2018

Blog Now Moved!

Hi All

I have now moved this blog. This blog will continue to be live but wont be updated beyond this post. You can now find me on www.itsallbee.com - See you there!

5 December 2017

Views Over Giotto's Campanile Florence

Florence, Italy - Views Over Giotto's Campanile Florence

No words will ever be enough to describe that beauty that is Maria del Fiori Basilica and surrounding buildings. Even more beautiful it the technology used to build it and at a time when no want had done anything like it before. Even more fascinating is the patience and time it took to bring the very idea to what we now have before us from the various artists and architects that have been a part of bringing it all together. To truly appreciate it we wanted to take the views by climbing Giotto's Campanile offering amazing views of not only Florence but Brunelleschi's Cupola(the dome). Marveling over how beautiful Florence's Cathedral is we totally forgot about the narrow stairs all the way up to the top of the Campanile.

23 November 2017

Where To Stay In London | 10 of London's Best Located Hostels In The City

where to stay in london | top hostels in london

Living in London you experience so much of the city that it makes it easier to recommend where to stay in London. I travel quite a bit and usually when I book a place to stay what tends to come to mind is how close is the hotel to the top things to do in the city I am visiting. With that in mind, I consider how much is the price of the accommodation versus how much I would have to pay in transportation and time get to those places while saving a few bucks/pounds on accommodation located out of the center. Living in an expensive city like London, as a local, I thought I would share with you my tips on where to stay in London by way my top 10 London hostels I would recommend in the city based on their proximity to London's top tourist attractions as well as the cost and rating factor. I also thought this would be a great follow up to my post on A Local's Guide on What to See and Do In London and my other post on Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Visiting London. Also, with Christmas fastly approaching you may wish to visit London during the festive period without blowing the budget. If that is the case then this is a post for you!

22 October 2017

Autumn In Dusseldorf's Konigsalle | The Best Food, Coffee, and Shopping Are All in This One Neighborhood

Fall is one of my favourite seasons for many reasons. I love that the weather is mild and the beautiful colours on the trees, to the falling leaves that fall off the trees like snowflakes from the sky. I love it all and its the only time my hair behaves itself when I straighten it compared to the joys of Summer humidity. That is one of few reasons that drew me to Dusseldorf's luxurious shopping Avenue that is Konigsalle. Its the dazzling colours of Autumn on this beautiful boulevard and the reflections across the canals and bridges. It extends from Hofgarten Park canal nearby. Konigsalle is divided by the Stradtgraden canal and lined with beautiful trees with cute bridges that connect the two sides of the canal. Of course, it's not just the beauty that draws' people to visits Konigsalle. The main attraction here is, of course, the shopping!

14 October 2017

10 Ways To Spend A Weekend In Jerusalem | Jerusalem Travel Guide

israel travel tips

With the all the religious sites in Jerusalem, you would think all there is to do on a visit to Jerusalem were pilgrimage activities. That couldn't be far from the truth. I have had quite a few trips to Jerusalem so I thought I would do a Jerusalem travel guide on things to see and do on a weekend in Jerusalem. There is so much to life in Jerusalem beyond the visits to the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Holy Sepulchre and many other religious sites Jerusalem is famous for.  Below is a list of places to visit, things to do, places to eat and hotel in Jerusalem. Also including the popular. You can, of course, do a day trip to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and I have also done it all the way from Shlomi and Nahariya in the north of Israel boarding Lebanon. Israel is small enough to go from North to South is as few as 4-5 hours.